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Essentially Salvee Thyro

Essentially Salvee Thyro

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Thyro is a blend of oils that are known to support hormones including the thyroid and endocrine system.  

Our Thyroid needs many minerals to function properly.  Adrenal (Sodium/Potassium/Vit C) support is important.  Supporting Gut and Liver Health are both extremely important, also adding in a blend of oils in Thyro for additional support.  Selenium and Iodine(organic Kelp) are required for proper thyroid function.   Our thyro blend contains selenium.  Thyro will be famous.  Minerals are life! 


Apply to pulse points: temples, neck wrists and on forearms

Ingredients: oils>  Brazil nut, Black Cumin Seed, Coconut(mct), Spearmint, Sesame, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Matricaria, & Nutmeg


****I am not a medical doctor. The opinions expressed reflect my personal experiences and my personal opinions and based on Essentially Salv-ee products only.  The information and statements on this website are intended for educational purposes.

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