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Green Tea Clean

Green Tea Clean

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100% natural and organic ingredients that provide a “leathery cleanse”. 

Each ingredient is know for its cleansing powers.  Obsessed.  Here are a few ingredient highlights to our Cleanse!

Green tea leaves are rich in polyphenols. It is promoted in our skin care as it helps rejuvenate the skin and supports healthy skin elasticity.

Calendula is well known for its remarkable ability to soothe the skin and is well suited for use with dry, itchy, irritated, damaged or problem skin.  It’s been used for 100’s of years with amazing skin results.  

Organic Hemp Seed Oil is well suited for all skin types. It helps to balance skin moisture, does not clog pores and is a good choice for oily and problem skin.

Organic Virgin Black Cumin Seed Oil is highly regarded for its ability to help support and soothe dry, damaged, mature and problem skin.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is remarkably beneficial in supporting optimal immune function, healthy skin and overall wellness.  It has amazing cleansing properties.

This product will come in a BPA free Plastic 8 oz amber bottle with a pump.(safe for kids and the shower)

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